As the focus is on the whole body and identifying and treating the cause not the symptoms most importantly you will be asked all kinds of weird and wonderful questions. Questions not just relating to your primary concern but to your whole lifestyle; from activities undertaken to sleep quality, present diet and past diets, family history and / or future plans. Your nails, tongue and eyes may be looked at; and diagnostic tests may be requested. As naturopathy is a complementary medicine any orthodox test results are of benefit; as is details of prescription as well as other medicines / supplements taken.

Basically a personalized plan will be constructed to gain the results you want; and ideally broaden your health and wellness expectations.

'Treatment' may consist of any combination of the following


Supplements; herbal or nutritional

Bach flowers

Dietary adjustments

Lifestyle suggestions

Energy psychology processes such as EFT or Psych K

ShatkarmasYogic cleansing techniques




Initial consultation $80 per 60 minutes

(minimum 6o minutes, calculated on time used to the nearest 15 minutes)


Follow up consultation $80 per 60 minutes

(minimum 15 minutes, calculated on time used to the nearest 15 minutes)


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Please note any supplements and / or diagnostic testing will be at an additional cost.



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'Headaches are not due to a deficiency in aspirin'

-Bill Mitchell


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