In 2009 while in India I took initiation with Satyananda Yoga and was given the spiritual name 'Atmajyoti' (‘light of the self')


About Camille

I was nicknamed 'Nurse White' as a child as I was always running around trying to fix everybodys' ailments.

After progressing through health issues myself and finding help through avenues such as herbs, nutritional supplements and yoga I decided to combine natural inclination with personal experience and make a career of natural health.


I have been practicing yoga since 1997, massaging since 2001 and practicing naturopathy and teaching yoga since 2006. I have worked in multidisciplinary clinics, specialist clinics, worked one on one with individuals, as well as trained and audited other naturopaths. I have worked extensively in the corporate environment and have modified all I do to conform to this different setting. I continue to attend courses on a regular basis to broaden my knowledge.




NZ Society of Naturopaths

(those with comprehensive health insurance can claim my services because of this registration)




BHSc (complementary medicine)

Advanced Diploma in naturopathy

Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine

Basic & Advanced PsychK

Yoga Teacher Training level 1 & 2, Yoga Nidra, Natal Yoga.




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