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Total Wellbeing

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Total Wellbeing is a recently established home based business by qualified and experienced natural health therapist Camille Poffley

The clinic follows traditional naturopathic principles:


* Primum no nocere (First do no harm)

Provide the most effective health care with the least risk at all times

* Vis mediatrix naturae (The healing power of nature) Recognize,respect and promote the self-healing power of nature inherent in all human beings.

* Tolle causum (Identify and treat the cause)

Rather than eliminating or suppressing symptoms. Recognizing symptoms are our bodies way of telling us something is not quite right.

* Tolle totum (Heal the whole person)

Mind, Body and Soul. See people not conditions, consider all individual health factors and influences.

* Docere (The physician is a teacher)

Educate and encourage self responsibility for health. Inspire rational hope

* Prevention (Prevention is the best cure)

A focus on health and wellness and aspiration to continually improve this as well as the absence of disease.







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Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well."
-Marcus Valerius Martial